The large white sculptures on Stephen Avenue between 2nd and 3rd street are referred to as the 'Galleria Trees'. In addition to programmable lighting, they are equipped with speakers which are programmed by Downtown Calgary. Learn more about these sculptures, and the music and lighting programming.

Stephen Avenue Galleria Trees


The Galleria Trees sculptures are an iconic part of Stephen Avenue (8th avenue) located outside Bankers Hall between 2nd and 3rd street SW. These ten metal trees were installed in 2000 upon the completion of the 2nd tower of Bankers Hall. They were designed to reduce wind gusts on the block that could be caused between Bankers Hall and the Home Oil Tower.


The sculptures have also been equipped with an audio system which is programmed with music. In addition to seasonally themed programming we have partnered with a local arts and cultural organizations to bring special music to Stephen Avenue. Partners including Honens, Calgary International Film Festival and Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. These partners have helped us with bringing specially curated playlists to the Galleria Trees.


The Galleria Trees were outfitted with a state-of-the-art LED lighting system. The lights add to the street level vibrancy and are programmed for special events and occasions. The lights on the trees are programmed with a number of interesting colour combinations which are updated seasonally. To minimize environmental impact the lights are equipped with efficient LED bulbs and are on a timer.