Whether you're coming down for a special occasion, or you're a regular commuter car sharing and carpooling are great ways to get downtown.

Car Sharing

If you find yourself in need of transportation, a car sharing service can be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to renting a vehicle or using a cab or delivery service.

Car2go Calgary

Car2go offers Calgarians a large fleet of Smart cars located around the inner-city. Members are billed by the minute and can drop off car2go vehicles in almost any parking spot in the designated 'Home Area'. Available cars can be found using the car2go website or using a smart phone app and do not need a reservation.


The City of Calgary partnered with Carpool.ca to develop, implement and promote an Internet-based carpool program for the Calgary area. This Internet-based carpool program comes in the form of a web-based ride matching service.

This service takes advantage of the speed and anonymity of the web. Confidential rideshare matches can be established, at no cost to the participants and in just a few minutes.

Visit Calgary.ca, or carpool.ca for more information regarding carpooling.