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Downtown Calgary has installed two street pianos as a way to create community and gathering places for Calgarians who work, live and play in Downtown Calgary.

Calling pianists of all levels! Downtown Calgary has two street pianos within the downtown core for your playing pleasure. Go ahead, plunk away!

The pianos were designed and built by Jesse Moffatt of Moffat Pianos as a part of Downtown Calgary's CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) initiative.

About the pianos

Woodlands Piano (3rd Street and 6 Avenue SW)

The Woodlands Piano is a living breathing tribute to the floods of 2013 and a unique artisan gift to the community. 

“As the canopy in a forest filters light and provides protection to smaller trees and plants, the living canopy of the Woodland Piano protects the instrument from the environment. Dense grasses and trailing plants provide another layer of protection as they cascade from numerous planters affixed to the piano. Just as a forest canopy offers protection to the life beneath, so too can music act as a buffer to challenges of daily life. It is my hope that the enjoyment of music has offered some solace from the events of Alberta's 2013 flood."

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, we chose to plant flowers, grasses, shrubs and herbs that represent Canada’s diverse landscape. 

The Wee Little Piano & Book Exchange (Fifth Avenue Place, 420 2nd Street SW)

The Wee Little Piano & Book Exchange is meant to provide a respite from the urban landscape – a place where busy Calgarians and children alike can escape the inner-city hustle and bustle and lose themselves in music and literature. Sit down and play a tune, or open up the back of the piano and discover your next favorite book. As you walk past on your daily commute, feel free to grab a book (or two!), or to donate a few. 

As a father, and as someone who works in downtown Calgary, Jesse was inspired by seeing people from all walks of life, including groups of children who attend daycare or school within the downtown core. This piano is designed to offer a place for all to stop and enjoy music… and perhaps a little story time


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