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ICI Waste Diversion Newsletter

Find the ICI Waste Diversion Newsletter for more info on waste diversion for businesses in Downtown Calgary and beyond. For more info contact LEANNE MICHIE - ICI Waste Diversion Program Manager 403.268.5026 or leanne.michie@calgary.ca

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Check out our collection of PDF maps and guides to help you find your way around Downtown Calgary, including our popular Downtown Public Art guide.

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Flood Awareness

Links and information on the ongoing efforts to rebuild after the devastating flooding in 2013 that impacted many businesses in the downtown area.

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Did you know there are more than 140,000 people who work in the downtown core? Everything you wanted to know about Downtown Calgary but were afraid to ask!

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Here is a list of some interesting and helpful links. Be sure to check us out on social media, read our blog, and see what some of our friends are up to.

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Safety & CPS

We work closely with the Calgary Police Service and local social agencies to ensure Downtown Calgary is a safe and welcoming place for all!

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CPS District 1 Reports

Each month the Calgary Police Service sends us their District 1 report outlining all the activities that have occurred in the downtown area the previous month.

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