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Find the ICI Waste Diversion Newsletter for more info on waste diversion for businesses in Downtown Calgary and beyond. For more info contact LEANNE MICHIE - ICI Waste Diversion Program Manager 403.268.5026 or

Paper and Cardboard on the Designated Materials List

Report Back From Last Meeting - Timeline



Waste Diversion Assistance

Zero Waste Special Events

Waste and Recycling Targets Report

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New info from the City of Calgary ICI Waste Diversion Program manager:

As a valued member of our ICI Working Group, we want to make sure you have a copy of the informational letter we will be sending to businesses and organizations in Calgary. This letter explains the upcoming changes and where to go for more information. Please feel free to pass this communication to anyone you think would be interested, and watch your post box.

Also included are draft articles you may find useful for your organization's newsletter or website.

As mentioned at our last ICI Working Group meeting, our next meeting is scheduled for December 8 from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. at Heritage Park. Please save the time in your calendar. An agenda and RSVP notice will be sent out two week prior to the meeting.

ICI Waste Diversion Program manager
Waste & Recycling Services, The City of Calgary
T 403.268.5026 E W

ICI Recycling

Proposed bylaw amendments are being drafted for ICI recycling. The City, Waste & Recycling Services has been communicating with Land Use & Development Approvals and Law to ensure a smooth transition when mandatory recycling for the ICI sector comes into effect. For consistency, most of the bylaw amendments will be very similar to the ones requiring multi-family recycling. Further discussion needs to happen on materials, enforcement, and timing. There will be an opportunity for you to comment on these subjects and others at the upcoming ICI Working Group meeting.


Landfill Bans

Waste & Recycling Services has reviewed options for implementing landfill bans, including a review of how they are implemented in other municipalities. A landfill ban will effectively mean a tipping fee significantly higher than the designated material rate. All waste loads are subject to inspection. Loads containing any amount of banned material will be subject to a higher tipping fee. The landfill ban rate has yet to be determined and will have to be approved by Council. Based on the ICI waste diversion strategy timeline, the proposed date for banning paper and cardboard is Q4 of 2018, and organics is Q4 2019.


ICI Organics

Waste & Recycling Services is completing a study on the processing of ICI organics in Calgary and the neighbouring areas, in addition to the previous engagement already completed. This will enable Waste & Recycling Services to determine a baseline for organics currently being processed and get a sense of the processing capacity for future organics diversion program implementation.

Waste & Recycling Services is hosting a workshop, in conjunction with the Recycling Council of Alberta, aimed at businesses that generate organic waste. The workshop will be used as an opportunity to present different organics waste management practices for businesses and include a brief summary of the program implementation timelines in Calgary. A variety of organic processors and composters will be there to answer any questions the businesses may have and offer catered management solutions. The workshop is on June 15th from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. at Fort Calgary. Invitations will be sent out shortly but if you have any questions or know your business would like to attend, please contact Lindsay Seidel-Wassenaar. or 403-268-8468.

Please stay tuned as there will be an open house at the end of the summer to serve as a report back to stakeholders on the engagement results for the ICI organics strategy. This is in preparation for the presentation of the strategy to Committee in September.



Waste Diversion Assistance

The input provided at the last ICI Working Group meeting is a valuable piece of the puzzle, and Waste & Recycling Services has been considering these suggestions.

The tools that you suggested at the last meeting include:
• Waste assessment tool
• Success stories
• Green Team development tool
• How to divert – process checklist
• Do-It-Yourself signage
• “Green Hat” awards
• Window clings/stickers for businesses 
• Links to existing resources (e.g. Green Calgary database, Alberta Recycling Hotline)
• Links to existing certifications

Moving forward, we’re building on what we learned from you by conducting additional research, specifically with small businesses. We’ll be taking these tools, and possibly others, and testing them out to make sure we’re meeting the needs of the business community at large. This is a major project that we’re going to have some of our summer students take on this summer – we’ll have more details about this project at the ICI Working Group meeting.

One tool we’ve already started on is the success stories, and we’re excited to share them with you! We’ve already heard some great presentations at the ICI Working Group meetings about what some businesses in our community are working on, and we’re gathering information for more stories as you read this newsletter. If you have any success stories that you’d like to share or suggestions of other businesses that you know of who do a great job of reducing and diverting waste, please share them with us!


Zero Waste Events

We are continuing to work with The City of Calgary's Culture division to encourage festival and event organizers to move their events towards zero waste. We have two confirmed pilot events that we will be supporting and are still looking for approximately three more events to participate in the pilot this summer.

We have developed a checklist for organizers, including an opportunity to calculate and track their waste and recycling results and are currently looking at additional tools that may support them in their journey towards zero waste. Some of the other tools we are developing and testing include: communications suggestions for vendors, volunteers, and event-goers; guidance for food vendors on providing compostable food ware; customizable signage for waste and recycling bins; and communication templates. 



The communication plan, including many of your suggestions from the October ICI Working Group meeting, is now complete. An overview will be presented at the May meeting. Several tactics are now under development, including expanded web content, tools to help recycling haulers communicate with their current and potential customers, and updates targeted directly at ICI waste generators.

We are planning a second ICI email newsletter for general updates that you may be interested in. This one will be aimed at all generators, haulers and processors. It will include short updates when new information, tools or resources are available. 

You can sign up for the newsletter by going here and selecting “Industrial, Commercial & Institutional (ICI) Recycling Updates”